Breakthrough Brain Model

The powerhouse team of Drs. Sharmishtaa Seshamani, PhD and Anna Blazejewska, PhD has created the first functioning chocolate-based model of the human central nervous system. “ The number of neuronal connections in this artificial system is yet unknown but we predict that it will be a game changer in chocolate artificial nervous systems.” Sinchai Tsao another fellow in their research group commented “…the unique combination of white chocolate (for white matter) and dark chocolate (for grey matter) was ingenious …” Another unique feature of this system is that it lends itself especially well for TBI (traumatic brain injury) research because of the inclusion of raspberry jam (not to be confused with raspberry pi – a computing system) as a model fluid for blood. Mengyuan Liu, another researcher group is an expert in neonatal Intra-Ventricular Hemorrhage (IVH) is interested in applying to simulated IVHs in neonates. Future improvements include improve modulation of sugar content in the WM layer as well as possible changes in the composition of the GM center. In summary, we really don’t know what to expect next from this chocolate-laden research but we eagerly await the next iteration of their ground-breaking model system.

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