Academic Research Focus

Sinchai is focused on applying computational techniques to studying the neurological system at lifespan (from development to aging) including neurogenesis and degeneration, cortical folding, brain development and atrophy. Although we understand parts of these processes at a cellular and biochemical level, the exact biological mechanisms and their interconnected coordination that drive these processes at a systems level are widely unknown. This is especially true in the longer timescales and at the systems level. Medical imaging techniques, such as MRI, as well as advanced analysis of the resultant 3D or 4D large datasets have the potential to yield deep insights into these questions. These insights can be translated into designing better diagnostic tools for diagnosing pathologies arising from numerous conditions such as epilepsy, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. His work includes efforts are directed at translating tools and understanding in the lab into the clinic, including computational techniques that enable quantitative imaging.